Victor Securities maintains a robust capital introduction program that focuses around two main components:


“Traditional” Capital Introduction This is a no-fee service where our representatives are leveraging their network of potential capital sources to introduce to applicable funds. These capital sources include High Net Worth individuals, Family Offices, and Funds of Funds that are capable and interested in potentially investing capital in Victor-primed funds.
Third Party Marketing Dedicated agents experienced in representing alternative investments are engaged by funds to act as their outsourced marketing teams. In this capacity, Victor Securities performs extensive due diligence on prospective funds and acts as the primary point of contact for potential investors.While this type of service is frequently utilized by emerging fund managers, it may also be extremely valuable to more established, mid-market funds.


Overall, our team focuses on a three-step approach to helping clients execute a successful capital-raising program:

1. Developing a Unique Message

  • We collaborate with clients to refine their outgoing communications such as pitch books, tear sheets and other marketing documents, to maximize each fund’s investor visibility in a professional and market-appropriate manner.
  • Our representatives are available to help craft specific replies to prospective investors as well as providing assistance during prospect meetings if requested.

2. Identify Appropriate Prospect List

  • We work with funds to determine prospective investors whose investment styles and risk appetites closely correlate with each fund’s operating metrics.

3. Actively Reach Out to Prospective Investors

  • Private Networking Events – we continuously hosts intimate private events where managers are able to meet new potential investors. We believe that by limiting each event to 2-3 managers and 5-10 capital allocators pre-screened to be interested in the attending managers’ strategies, the chances of establishing a connection are maximized.
  • Industry Events – our representatives attend, and invite our clients to attend, the numerous industry networking events, round tables, and trade shows. These third-party events give managers an opportunity to expand their networking reach while leveraging our presence as additional advocates for their funds.