Victor Securities offers a full-featured reporting suite that provides visibility into account metrics, performance, and profit/loss statistics over time. Using our custom-branded web portal, Victor provides a set of reports that provide information regarding your custodian account, as well as a set of value-added calculations including cost basis, realized, and unrealized profit/loss.

Custodian Account Reports
Victor provides a set of reports that assist portfolio managers, traders, and risk managers easily see current account equity metrics, contemporaneous fund holdings, as well as recent non-trading transactions that have been conducted within a specified trading account.Victor downloads and normalizes data across custodian and clearing firms, which allows for a standard set of reporting tools regardless of where your trading account is being held. Additionally, Victor’s reporting module allows a firm to implement multiple-prime/multiple-clearing relationships, with multiple accounts aggregated and summed within the Victor reporting portal.

Available Reports

  • Account Summary
  • Trade History
  • Position History
  • Journal / Cash Entries
  • Accrued Dividends
Value Added Calculations
In addition to reports that provide an overview of your account status, Victor also provides a set of value-added calculations to augment custodian account metrics. Specifically, Victor processes executions using LIFO or FIFO queuing methodologies, and produces cost basis values for each of your positions, as well as associated realized/unrealized profit/loss values.

Victor’s cost basis and realized/unrealized profit/loss calculations can assist a hedge fund with ensuring up-to-date cost basis calculations for all positions, as well as augment the information historically available from a fund’s administrator.

Available Reports

  • Cost Basis
  • Realized Profit/Loss
  • Unrealized Profit/Loss
  • Tax Lots
Risk/Trading Focused
Victor Securities also provides a set of reports to assist a firm with macro risk management, portfolio valuation, and liquidation cost summaries. While risk can also be viewed in the real-time DJALI Desktop Application, risk reports offer an end-of-day view of assorted metrics that can be used for tracking purposes.

Using Victor’s Risk/Trading Reports, a fund can ensure a record of compliance with internal risk policies, as well as provide investors with renewed confidence through risk report distribution to investors and other interested parties.

Available Reports

  • Portfolio Risk Snapshot
  • Stress Test Report
  • Portfolio Margin
  • Equity Liquidation
  • Derivative Liquidation