We offer our clients a wide range of electronic trading platforms to facilitate trading in equities, options, and futures. These platforms all offer advanced trading analytics and provide a low latency environment for executing sophisticated trading strategies. Additionally, all of these front end trading interfaces are fully integrated with Victor’s in-house risk management and reporting tools.


silexx Silexx
Silexx is a premier multi-asset class trading platform with real-time trade analytics and advanced order entry for option traders. Featuring the most advanced trading UI on the market, Silexx Obisidan provides the ultimate in flexibility and speed.
sterling traders Sterling
Sterling Trader Pro is one of the leading direct-access trading platforms in the industry for trading equities and options.  The platform is fully customizable to the needs of individual traders and is used by a wide range of professional traders with a variety of trading styles.
KCG Knight Direct
Knight offers a comprehensive execution management system providing access to multiple markets and numerous pools of liquidity, including Knight’s  algo offerings. Maximum customization allows traders to set preferences that meet exact order criteria.
BLAZE is ConvergEx’s highly-integrated options platform delivering a complete solution that includes workflow automation and advanced order management tools. BLAZE provides option traders access to multiple execution destinations including a suite of option algos.
TOP is Instinet’s multi-asset execution and analytics system with specialized options capabilities designed to accommodate user needs from basic execution to advanced volatility trading.


In addition, Victor Securities also offers its clients the ability to connect their proprietary systems via FIX as well as maintains active relationships with floor brokers in both New York and Chicago.