Risk Management and Reporting
Our DJALI Risk Management application enables RIAs to easily view, analyze, and manage exposures, Greeks, concentrations, margin utilization and other risk metrics. Portfolios can be viewed and managed on individual basis or easily aggregated together. Furthermore, RIAs can request individual DJALI logins for their respective SMA investors; thus providing the end-investors with greater transparency and peace of mind.
Choice of Trading Platforms
Since each trader has unique needs and preferences when it comes to trading platforms, we offer a wide range of supported OMS/EMS front-end trading platforms. This flexible offering allows our RIA clients to execute their trades in the most advantageous fashion based on their unique preferences and requirements while we ensure that trade data flows through in STP fashion to clearing, custody, allocation, reporting, and other back-end systems.

Allocate trades across multiple accounts
Our back-end systems allow RIA clients to easily allocate block executions to multiple client accounts for all asset classes. Additionally, RIA clients can always lean on our support team to facilitate any ad hoc allocations while benefitting from our expertise in resolving trade breaks and other unforeseen operational issues.

Flexible reporting for Advisors, SMA owners, and other stake-holders
The flexible design of our ESMA Reporting application allows our RIA clients to request specific reports for the various stake-holders (e.g. Advisor, SMA owners, third-party administrators and/or accountants, etc.). RIAs benefit from availability of assorted reports (e.g. aggregate performance of all accounts vs specific account’s activity) while choosing among several delivery methods, including secure online login or email distribution.